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About Us

After making lava rock bracelets and necklace pieces for ourselves, we would be asked where we got them from friends and family members. So we started designing custom pieces for them. Along the way we became self-taught jewelry designers using natural earth gemstones, gorgeous crystals, natural lava stones and fine quality chains. From there we went on a mission to create great design pieces that everyone could enjoy.

We have always thought the easiest way to indulge in aromatherapy is to simply smell the essential oils, whether directly from the bottle, or with the help of a diffuser or an aromatherapy jewelry, or on your body as a personal perfume. So creating jewelry that can serve as essential oil diffusers has always been near our hearths. We believe that aromatherapy is great for the soul.

Since we started Calmatime Aromatherapy online store we have had the pleasure of creating custom jewelry for customers all over the world and we are very thankful for our Calmatime growing fan base! Now we also import handmade jewelry form many Asian countries while keeping an eye on quality and giving the public the opportunity to own aromatherapy products at a reasonable price. We make sure that every creation is quality made by hand.

Enjoy our new, unique creations and please check us out on Instagram or on our Facebook page.

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Jasmine & Patrick